Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ping's wedding @ Taiping

Finally its the day Ping get married..
I feel so honored so have followed you back to witness tis memorable day of hers and meeting your families..

I tried to help out as much as i could to show a good impression in front of your family and relatives.. hopefully i dont screw up anything..

I was really happy to have a chance to be in the photo with you and your family.. it's like.. im finally accepted.. its like.. receivin an award.. the feeling is bizzare.. like. Oh yes.. finally he called me and ask me to be in the photo.. its really my pleasure..

I knw you wil be stressed by your mom.. we knew this day will come.. but dont worry.. i wont rush.. time will decide for us

We still have time.. im only 26'.. still have quota.. let us work hard together for our future alright? Do you feel and think the same? Or do you still doubt about our future ?

I just love the way you look today baby.. so stunnin and good looking.. ppl must be jealous of me that i have found such a lovely partner.. youre the reason i learn to make up.. diet and exercise to lose weight.. as i want to be looking good with you too.. youre the reason for me to strive harder for our future.. youre my motivation..

Ive always have this feeling that im just not good enough for you.. nt good enough compared to them.. and there are so many girls wih better 'qualifications'there in kampar.. younger, prettier, looks even more matching with you.. even our pictures have less Likes among your friends.. am i really so not 'match' with you?

Its Nt that i always wanted to show on fb', but i just wana let ppl know i made the right decision and im having a good time and happy times with a wonderful guy beside me..

Thank you for the night bii..
I love you...

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*