Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Menu for the day

Since i've got nothing to do today, or i should say everyday..haha...i went to Giant to buy some groceries..hehe...then back at home to prepare dinner...

4 dishes and 1 soup...but actually i cooked only 2 dish and the soup only..hehe..will post up photos later..

today's soup is herbal soup...my mom bought er..dunno what is it call also..it's just like an ordinary herbal soup..but then there's something in there that will make the soup become black in color..hehe..but this kind of soup is good for blood...will try to cook it when i back to kampar..hehe..

there it is...dinner for tonight..hehe

this is actually last night's dish..curry fish..i just reheat it only..hehe..but then inside left 1 more only..ahah..finish le

this is the soup that i mentioned...it is actually herbal soup with 'kei chi' but then added some dunno what that make it turn black..good for blood..and my mom says it taste good..so happy

telur bawang

this is also last night's dish..i 're-fry' it..ahhaha..
er what is it call in english?? (lai liu ha in cantonese..)

and this is 'tau yiu bak' in hokkien..dunno wat is it call also in english..hehe..

pai seh.. i know u guys wanna say why cannot se vege de..haha..this is because i don't take vege...haha..so i dunno how to cook dishes with vege..hahah..

that's all for today...ciao

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last Day of Y1S1

well...on 11th may..was the last day of my Year1 Sem1 in UTAR..time flies and i've been there for a sem now...coming June i'll be senior dee....but it just feels like i just entered uni not long ago and 'Poohhh" 1 sem down...

currently back in penang...checking portal everyday to check for the results whether it's out or not..damn...nervous...and looking forward to it..heheh....looking forward as i wanna know my results....nervous and scared coz i predicted that my result wont be good....heheh....

anyway,these pictures was taken right after exam while waiting for friends to come down...hehe....

me and a coursemate...pai seh dunno how to spell her name..i look kinda tired though...didn't sleep for 3 nights..

me and jie...actually we took another photo...a better wan..but he don't like his pic there then he deleted the pic..chin kak...uckily this one also nt bad,..hehe

me and li teng

me and ya lee

me and jie min

that's all for today...hehe...only manage to take with them only..the rest tak sempat..hehe....next sem ba...

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Kampar sceneries 2

sorry dude...my camera's memory card is in my laptop...haha..i actually brought a camera without a mmc..haha..great hor??hehe..anyway, i'm here to blog about the 2nd version of kampar sceneries...here it goes..

the full moon...this is the zoom version..taken jsut right outside my house..

and the sunset...really nice...

this is infront of my house..

further down..near the apartment there..

getting darker

and darker....

nice huh the sceneries in Kampar??despite the unpreditable weathers and also the bored lifestyle there...hehe....

p/s: thanks to Angeline for the photos..hehe...

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Belated Birthday Treat

today is a kinda tiring day for me...i'm actually now at a Tanjung Bungah, at a place called Torch...there's where my god bro's working...

Bernice start working on cruise today..she reached at 6am and i fetched her at the bus stop and off we go for super duper early breakfast..hehe...dim sum..then after that went back home to fetch my mama to chowrasta market...it's been a long time since i last woke up so early..hehe...

after market went for breakfat again at 10 somethign with my mama...then went out with andrew...we went for a movie in queensbay..watched Fireball...well, it's quite a nice movie though..eheh...not bad..

after movie he we went to have er...dinner?? haha...at Manhanttan Fish Market...first time dining at Manhanttan...and took some pictures of it..i ordered a pasta set...here are the pictures..

this is the soup of the day..i wonder what soup is this..haha..the taste is kinda

this is my main course...quite nice actually but the portion is kinda big...cannot finish it..hehe...

tht's all i wanna blog about today..hehe...will try to upload my pictures that i promised previously as there's wi-fi here now..hehe..

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Back in Penang

Well...i've promised to upload the photos i took during the bbq session to celebrate mei's birthday...hehe...so here it is..

sin mei busy cooking

the gang...and im the camera-girl-

our steamboat after frying n boiling...haha

that's lin hui's hand..wondering what she's doing..

and on wednesday...went to red box from 12-3pm..then 3.05 went to watch movie...watched Friday the 13th..and end up i watched er..i guess only 10/20% of the show only..haha..i would rather watch ghost type de movie then slaughter..damn..the photos will upload again soon..

me and angeline covered our face most of the times..haha...but then ok la..at least we enjoyed it right??haha...tho it's like..kinda waste of money..but movie day ma..haha...
we then went to batu ferringhi..ahah...we're like..penang 1 day tour like that..hahah

guess that's all i wanna blog ba..haha.need to go do housework le..tata

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

kampar drift

well...most of u ppl know that im coming back right after my exam on may 11th..which is also mei's birthday...well..the paper wasn't too hard i guess..and i hope i answered correctly..haahha...

k..after exam we went home and prepare for the 2 hours trip to back to pg..everythign was fine until i felt that my steering doesn't seem to be normal..i was actually on the way to a petrol station for petrol and also to check my tires whether having enough air or not..mana tau..

when i felt that there's something wrong..i wanted to stop on the left lane and to get down to check with it..but before i could do so...it burst and i lose control..damn..that time it was really scsary...the kind of fear and feeling in me..i really dunno how to explain it out..it's even worse than my first accident experience..which is already a phobia of mine..

i lose control and the car's swinging from left to right..then back to left..luckily there was no car behind..and luckily it happen earlier..i really dare not imagine if it happens at the highway..i really dare not imagine how it gonna be and how i'm gonna facae the problem..

everyone was kinda shocked..as it was really dangerous..i then called ah keong and thanks to keong and li enn that they purposely drop by to help..and thanks to kelvin too that help me change my tire...luckily none of them got hurt..or else i really dunno how to explain this..

Angeline took the photos and posted it in her blog... www.angeltheseaworld.com can go have a look..only 2 pics nia la..haha..after that it was kelvin who drove back to penang..and i only drive when we reached penang..like what dae mien mentioned in his blog..we went for bbq steamboat at nagore road..and i fetched them home after that...for more pics of the bbq and also our outing session...will post it in my next blog..

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

the beatuiful scenery of Kampar

didn't sleep again last night..but then still haven't finish studying..haha...well...got nothing better to do..since i did not really take a real look of kampar's scenary even i've been here for near half a year now..so this morning decided to have a look and take pictures to blog about it..

well..thanks to chuin pei who gave me the idea actually...haha.. i guess you guys must be scolding me right now..since i say not yet finish studying..but then i still spend my time to blog..ahha...this is because when i'm back to penang...i can hardly blog as theree's no connection at home..hmmmm..

it's so so so extremely super duper hot today...k..i wanna back to studies...so there are hte pictures we took this morning..

oops...this was taken last night at ghany..roti klcc..

take 2

i like this one so much..haha..that's the moon actually..not sun rise..

another view..just outside of my house..

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Happy Mother's Day

today is 10th of may...mother's day...but sad to say..i'm not in penang...cannot celebrate my mama's birthday..this year her birthday also i can't be there to celebrate with her...so sorry...

Mama..i'm sorry for being a disobedient girl all this while..i know i've hurt u deeply..not sometimes..but most of the times..but then..i do really love you from the bottom of my heart...i really do..all i can do now is...i wrote a poem for u..as a mother's day gift..tho it's not good la..too long didn't write poem le..

Thank You Mama for all the things,
You sacrificed a lot for our living;
Thanks again for always being so caring and loving,
All I wanted to say is YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING.


~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Friday, May 8, 2009

Birthday Card.. NO.... Birthday "envelope"

One of my best bud's birthday is coming soon...as most of u here know that we're staying here in Kampar..and this friend of mine..receive her first birthday "envelope" for the year.. why do i call this birthday envelope?? here is the answer...

this is the first time ever i saw this kind of birthday 'card' or shall i say envelope..ahhaha...anyway..wish my friend here..HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE k...haha... and best of luck to all of u guys who has got exam this coming mon..IT n Ep..GOOD LUCK

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Thursday, May 7, 2009

one more to go

finally there's one more left..hmmmm....IT..one of the toughest subject with no tips at all....haha...but i believe if u really put effort on it..you can do it de... like the saying 'if u think u can, YOU CAN' haha...what happen to me today??

well..PR's over...didn't sleep again last night..hmmmm...but then i guess it was worth it kua..at least i can answer the question??well...i am very sure that i know what the question ask and what to answer..i can tell u verbally..but the prob is i don't know how to write it down..hahah....hopefully what i bla in section B and section C can get marks la...aih...

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


i fell in love with Yiruma's song lately...his songs are all so peaceful and nice...that actually can calm my mind....and i can even listen to his song and study...before this i posted his kiss the rain..and this is love song...

sad love story

My memory

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

another's gone...blogging in the middle of the night again...hmmmm....sigh...what happen to tennee this few days?? tennee seems to be lost...and becoming emo again...what happen??day by day passing by...she's like forcing herself to smile..

just now was chatting with enn about our next sem..things tends to change alot lately...everyone's been so busy with exams...everythings doesn't seem like how it used to be anymore...i am starting to fall in love with 'kiss the rain' it's like..really so so so nice...i don't know why..but the first time i heard the song..my heart melted..i love this song so much..mayb of the ryhthm??that truly playing how do i feel in the inner me?

time really flies so fast...1 sem is gonna be over soon...more and more obstacles is coming towards me...more and more difficulties i will need to face..can tennee take it??can she go thru everything and success in it??

i miss u so much daddy...i love u

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Monday, May 4, 2009

1 more down..

today had our chinese language 1 exam...was kinda easy..hehe..but i did some silly mistakes lo..ahhha....hopefully i can get A for this subject..the only hope of mine...

this thurs is PR le...bless me....

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Kiss the rain

were studying halfway...when dae mien and chuin pei editing their blog..and added a gadget that play songs de...forgot what's that called le..and they intro this song to me... kiss the rain by yiruma..a korean guy...the song is played by only a piano..very nice to hear no matter where u are...but then it's a very sad song...i actually feel like crying when i hear this song....this is the song and i like the background..but too bad cant hear the person sing....

this is the one with the lyrics...

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pizza at Kampar

today had our PM exam..and it's officially KO...die liao..i don't hope much actually..but then just hope that i can pass then its more than enough le..hehhe...

Finally Sin mei, and CHuin Pei got blog le..heheh

everyone seems to be very stress and emo today...hmmm...dunno what to eat for dinner...and so..we went for Pizza Hut..these are the pictures taken during our dinner time..enjoy..

while waiting to be served...

me and mei...

our drinks...

soup of the day..chicken soup

large platter..but doesn't seem large at all..haha

masala something..forgot what it is le...orderd by dae mien

hawaian chiken

island supreme

both our pizzas

and this one..u see how dae mien cut the pizza...

cheeseeee.....our favourite...it was full when the waitress gave us...then only we thought of wanna take picture...so this is before...still quite full..

and look at this..after our makan session..the cheese left 1/4 only..ahhaha

k la...that's all for today...gonna zz le...nites everyone..

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*


just back from lunch...today we had our PM exam...damn..it was hard...slept at 5 something last nite..woke up at 7 this morning...but none of the tips and what we've stsudied de came out...so sad...

then sin mei was like...prinsip rukun negara will out or not??mana tau.. today relaly one of the question....well..i did crap a lil in the exam la...ahah..it's just a LAN subject..so i dont hope much...just hope that it's enough for me to pass..i can proceed to next sem and still can get my ptptn loan is more than enough..hahaha...

i went out early from the exam hall...or should i say the lecture room...i really dunno how to do le...summore it's extremely cold inside..cold till my hands were shivering..shivered till i cant even write...sigh...and for your information..im even wearing long sleeves...but shivers like hell in there...so i went out at nearly 11...right half an hour before u kena quarantine in there...i can't imagine how will it be to be in that room if i dont get to go out...PM is officially gone...still got chinese on money,PR on thurs and IT on Mon...all major de...Gambate ba Tennee..

加油 加油 加油

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Friday, May 1, 2009

another day

another's gone....having exam tomorrow...saturday..pengajian malaysia...swt....sigh...felt so lazy...don't feel like studying also...sad...

exam week and don't feel like studying..this kind of feeling really sux...sighh...summore worrying about PR...im really so so so scared....hmmm...after PR then IT...why all my major exams cramp together??tho PR on thurs and IT on the following mon...but that few days is totally not enough for me t o study...furthermore, i still need to pack my stuffs..there's so much for me to pack...

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*