Monday, September 28, 2009

Kampar waterfall

Didn't sleep for the whole night again..don't know what happen to me... insomnia... sigh..or mayb because of exam??finally finished my last paper at 11.15 just now...sigh...don't know what to say about the paper...hehe...but guess it was better than extremely excited coz i'll be going to genting tomolo..heheh...

i slept at 7am on Sunday morning, and woke up at 8 then sleep again and finally woke up at 9...

Bernice and I followed Alvin and Darren they all have a day rest at Kampar's waterfall... first time being there...with the correct group of friends as well.. get to know some new friends here and all of them were very very siao..haha....

starting our journey

here we are

wonder what those guys looking at...

alvin's sexy pose

Kite curi take our pics...wakaka

the water is so cold....

all start to siao...

grp photo...

grp pic 2

the stones there

actually that wasn't what alvin posed..

all tired liao

Darren 'pai' pose..

me and darren

before cabut from thr

me and Kuang Sze

me and equinox

me and SzeChin

me and shin yee

me and Owodog

me and alex

me and Boon-if im not mistaken

me and Kelvin

me and wang zi

time for the zhi lian me again..hehe

say cheeezzeeee

me and darren a.k.a Hsiao JIng Teng

Having our lunch at 36 stalls

Shi Hao and Bernice

alex-eat also wanna pose

all bz eating and tired liao

everyone look here....

ya i suppose that's all was a great day..hehe..and will be going to Genting tomorrow...Wuuhooooo..hehhe...

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Sunday, September 27, 2009


saw this video in FB as well, posted from Lance, and all i can say is SUPERB.. His name is Vitas and the name of the song is Opera #2..

his voice..OMG...but well, it can be scary when u listen in the middle of the night..ahahah... it reminded me of the Phantom of the Opera..haha... look at the distance of his mic..and yea..the musicians.. yeng... his voice is so stable...

here it is..the video...

~luv & hugs~muakss
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If I Have 100 mbps

Came across this video shared by Yin Liang in facebook...haha..and yea, it is actually cute and very funny.. If i have 100 mbps... enjoy the video...

~luv & hugs~muakss
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A possible candidate for nasopharyngeal cancer?

There's always this thought of me that i will or most probably the next cancer patient in the family..What kind of cancer? same with my dad.. The nasopharyngeal cancer or more commonly known as the cancer of the nose..

Since when i was young, at the age of 3 or 4, i've went through an operation of the nose. I don't know how to explain what happen but according to my mom, i fell down and knocked on the nose when i first learn to crawl, and that causes a swollen thingy in my nose.. went to operate it but it came back... my sinus.. before they knew what happen, i first brought me for a check up if im not mistaken.. I'm not too sure but all I knew is that they wanted to check if I've got a cancerous tumor in my nose..just like what my dad got since more than 16 yrs ago, but the result was the sinus problem.

Ever since that time, I've always have nose bleeding problem, blockage of nose, breathing difficulty. I'm a child born with a lot of problems I can say but what i can say that, 'Don't judge a book by its cover' because the one who look the weakest always never the weakest. and ya, that was what Keong told me also.

Why do i suddenly post this kind of post here/? I've been having nose bleed these few days and perhaps last night, the whole night.. it was like a on and off thing, bleed, dry then later bleed again.. I still can remember clearly how my dad look and reacted on the day he died(where we suspected the tumor burst)- he was bleeding so so so much from both mouth and nose and finally he coughed out 'something'. After he coughed out that 'thing' he bleed even more and maybe because he was lying down, the blood went backwards into his body, and finally flooded his lungs.

Not only experiencing nose bleed, visions are getting more blur-might be my powers went up, some of the symptoms that I've seen from the net- tho not all of it... well, it might be me who think too much as the weather here in Kampar is hot and humid..yea.. HOT and sometimes humid... It can be extremely hot this moment and the next minute, it starts to rain. therefore, might be the weather and perhaps lack of waters...hehe...

Anyhow, this is an article i found in the net...

Nose cancer is more common in men than women. Nose cancer symptoms are same as the symptoms of skin cancer if nose cancer is developed in the skin covering the nose but its symptoms will differ if it is caused in the lining of the nose or in the passage at the back of the nose. This passage joining the nose to the throat is known as nasopharynx. About 80 or 90% people having nose cancer will have blockage in their nasopharynx as the main symptom of nose cancer. Nose cancer is difficult to detect at an early stage because symptoms at this stage are very less. But as it enters an advanced stage the cancer grows deeper and may spread to other parts of the face. Nose bleeding is one of the main symptoms of nose cancer. Anyone can develop nose cancer. A lump may appear in the neck due to blockage which may cause pain or swelling in the throat. In the early stage the symptoms of nose cancer are very common such as headache, swelling in nose or blurred vision, which does not prove cancer. As they seem to be less dangerous but may cause severe damage that.s why proper attention should be given to them.

Deafness and weakness of the muscles of the face can be major problems due to nose cancer. Weakness and swelling in the throat and tongue are experienced due to damage done by the tumor to the cranial nerves, a group of nerves. There can be problems in breathing due to this. The power of smelling and hearing gets reduced. Difficulty in swallowing food may be experienced due to blockage in the passage joining the nose to the throat. There can be problem in speaking also.

For more info, or to continue reading this article, you can visit the website here.

Those bolded ones were the symptoms i experienced. Oh well, I came to know that there's a difference between Nose cancer and Sinus Cancer where both the symptoms were kind of similar...

Sinus cancer arises from the lining of the sinus, which is a tissue called as mucosa. It is caused when a bacteria blocks the sinus cavity. The bone could itself be the origination of the sinus cancer. Initially the sinus cancer symptoms are ignored for a long time. The very common and early sinus cancer symptoms are:
1. Nose bleeds
2. Pain in a tooth or one ear
3. Obstructed nose also called as sinus congestion that will not get better and becomes worse.
4. Pus coming out of the nose and runny nose which is frequent.
5. Sense of smell decreases or becomes weak.
6. Cough and mucus. Usually blood is seen in the mucus. There might be excessive coughing in the night.
7. Sneezing and headache which normally starts after a bad cold or immediately after a cold.

More symptoms here

Again, you might think that i think too much, but then even if it doesn't happen now, it might happen in future. I need to take precautions and be alert of it.. My Grandpa, died from cancer, i didn't know what cancer was that but it was in the stomach. My uncle, died from nose cancer, and dad.. died from nose cancer as well, and since i've got most of the symptoms since young, the probabilty of me being a possible patient is not impossible and perhaps, not surprise to me....


~luv & hugs~muakss
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Friday, September 25, 2009


This post is specially dedicated to Hanson...

Hanson Tai
Jalan Perdana 4,
Taman Kampar Perdana,
31900, kampar,
Contact: Tennee Leong
Day Phone: 012-3456789
Night Phone-012-3456789

For Immediate Release


Genting,Pahang, September 25, 2009 - The Annual Genting Chinese Love Song Singing Contest is finally back. This contest on the September 2009 will mark the 10th anniversary of the contest. It has been a decade now and that the contestants had never failed to show their enthusiastic in singing and the response for the contest still as good as it used to be and perhaps, more and more positive feedback were gathered from the public.The details for the finale of the contest are as below:

Date: 27th September 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 8.00 p.m.
Venue: Arena of Stars, Genting

The contest is held in conjunction with the Mid Autumn Festival. Since its first contest held in 2000, it has now become an annual event that has captured the public's attention and attracted enthusiastic participants year after year. After the numerous preliminaries and revival round, it is the Grand Final of the contest.


sorry guys...actually wanted to try writing a press release as i'll be having my PR Writing exam on Monday.. but too bad..i've got too less information about this therefore, i don't dare to simply write..haha....

sigh.. i seriously don't know how to write a press release... HOW??

but anyway, this post was specially dedicated to he will be competing for the 10th Annual Genting Chinese Love Song Singing Competition. As a friend of him..sure la must support support...

For those who will be at Genting for the weekend, there will be a voting session at Celebrity Lounge, Genting Casino. The finalist will be there to gain popularity and and votes of the public. The couple with the most votes will be crowned as The Most Popular Couple. The admission is free but you will need to redeem it.

Well, guess i should stop crapping and intro about my friend? it is..

Hanson-a person who is very enthusiastic in his singing hobby. He had joined numerous competitions to proved his talent and to gain confidence in him and publics.(ps: if i write wrong pai seh just saying what i think of you) He has been working very hard to make it a success to achieve his dreams...

Let's not crap and waste anymore time, for those who will be in Genting on the 26/09/09

Hanson-i curi the pic from ur place de..hahah..

and of course.not forgetting pics of me and him...

at queensbay-2008

At arena of stars-Wan Chean's mini concert-June 2009

a clearer pic with his camera..

at KL his working place

me with ASQ 2008 contestants

and lastly, ALL THE BEST in your competition k...sigh..too bad i 29th only go genting but then you will be leaving on 28...hope to meet you again someday...


~luv & hugs~muakss
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visit of an 'old friend'

It's been months since i last got my hyperventilation... today was my IMC paper, and it was hard...sigh..very hard indeed... everyone was smiling and laughing while starring at the paper. Not because it is easy, but because we don't know what the question is about.

Today's venue was at Block G.. and it was so damn cold in there... i wore long pants and shirt... with a jacket... but i was still shivering like hell...till i can't even breathe... i already told Sin Mei and Keong that i could hardly breathe d...and that my trachea was very pain..and i am still feeling it's like..when you breathe.. you couldn't breathe correctly.. that kind od discomfort is really very uncomfortable..

I was shivering so bad, i wore my jacket, zipped up covered up from my hands even up to the head..i can't even write.. the air-cond was so so cold and dry, till i finally cannot breathe.. and to make things worse, it was during the mid of exam..tears were flowing down from my eyes as i really feel very uncomfortable..i wanted to go out of the hall earlier but i just couldn't do so as i have not finish my paper...and i don't know how to do..haha..

till the end of the exam , i was still ok, until everyone was rushing down, i finally sat at my place with my head on the table..i just couldn't stand up.. i wanted to rush down to at least get some hot air outside.. but i just couldn't help... my legs become weak and i cant support my weight, when i stand up, i fell back on my chair with the kinda blur view i can see...

i never knew that being in an air-cond room could bring me to this situation where i cannot breathe, and that's when my 'old fren' came to visit..hyperventilation.. i wonder when only i can get rid of this..i don't want to have it for the rest of my life.. sometimes i wondered, what if, it suddenly happens when i'm driving half way>or when i'm on the street alone?

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

my pity hand

Sigh... had my EMC paper yesterday...and i can officially tell you IT"S GONE~!!!

first time ever that i'm gonna get a C for my English..sigh....anyhow, i don't know what happen to me lately... here got bruises, there swollen...

now kena my wrist there...dunn owhat happen and it starts to swell last night..till this morning it's swollen and pain...end up i went to buy crepe bandage so that it can help immobilize so that i wouldn't move my wrist that pity hand...

weather here in kampar is so cold's a good and bad thing actually..hahaha

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Penang, Home sweet home

i'm finally back to blog's post is about the past study break I had back in my beloved hometown Penang. Bernice followed me back for study break this time... and we both enjoyed lots of times together..haha.. and we even went to work fro 3 days..haha..

these are the photos taken during our time in penang...hehe...

fried rice ordered by my mom at Cecil Street's market

Bernice's curry mee and Pasembur

my fav of all...hokkien mee a.k.a Har Mee

on sun, my mom cooked this 'Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun' ahah...really nice..and look like those being sold out fact it taste better..haha..when i'm back in Kampar, I showed the pics to Keong they all.. and he keep on nagging say he wants to eat..haha...

my lovely mom preparing Ipoh Hor Fun for dinner

another view of her cooking

this is when my mom cooking the Ipoh Hor Fun for us..
i purposely take pics of her cooking it

a closer look

and it's now ready..

Bernice enjoying and posing with it..haha

the day before i went came back to Kampar, my mom cooked Shark Fin for's so tasty..hehe..

that one week in Penang is the best time of all...there's nothing better than home..hehe...

Mummy,you're the best person in the world..
No one could ever replaced you in my heart
Sorry for being an disobedient girl and always hurts you
but deep down i love you alot..
I just can't find any word that can express my love for you

Your Birthday is just a few days away,
but i can't go home and celebrate with you
I'm glad that you love the present that we gave you..

Mommy, Happy Birthday and ILOVE YOU

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*