Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shiseido Make-Up course

today's my PM'S mid term..and at the same time i got a soft skill programme..A make-up course by Shiseido...and the person ask me to be the model...swt...and the powder is like so so thick..haha...then i summroe got class...

class starts at 4 and i went at 5...hmmm...swt..and when i go in everyone keep on asking me y make up and stuffs...swt..i've been repeating the same line for don't know how many times...and i felt i look so so so weird...swt..sigh... here are some of the pictures..haha...not very clear actually..

before went to the to the make up course..was at t he herritage hall with chuin pei and ah lok..for their exhibition..then there's this dummy baby that look excatly like real..i for sure cant sleep if i have it at home..haha

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tiring day

it's been a very tiring day today..slept at 4am last night and wake up at 7 am this morning...

i wanted to fulfill my promise as what i did..haha..last nite when i on my laptop and signed in to my msn,ah lok was teasing me saying 'eh,i thought someone swore and said don't wanna waste time de?do u want me to help u?i'll smack the screen of ur laptop so that it won't distract u anymore' haha..he's a funny person..haha...

well..i did play for awhile..then keong jie and li enn came to my house...the objective of them coming to my house is to drink the soup that i'd cook on sunday.hahah..then they brought their chinese together as they've got there chinese 3 mid term test today...

both of them is very good fren of mine...really like my sisters...take good care of me,buy things for me to eat when im sick...and of course,buying things for me to eat when im sick also including evan la..haha..or else later if he read this see i din mention about it later he scold me..haha..jk jk...they teach me and guide me about my studies..thank god that i've found this 2 good frens..

they were revising about their chinese 3 and im practicing my chinese 1..haha....though li enn is younger than me,but she's like a elder sis to me..mayb im still childish la...haha...and she's chinese yesterday keong jie keep on saying like 2 sibllings teacher their younger sister..haha...thnks so much...

well..i've got my PM exam this wed or i should say tomorrow,but then i didn't study anything about it..PM wasn't my cup of tea since don't know when..haha..nvr even touch PA when i was in Form 6..i tried to study or flip thru it for a while..but then i end up practicing my chinese again..and there goes my whole night writing chinese...does it count as not wasting time??

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

i swear..

Hey's a brand new day and a brand new week coming..time flies and it's already the mid of March and soon coming to an end..woke up with kinda moody mood today..

last night went to yam cha with li enn,sin mei,bernice,keong jie and 2 seniors..eugene and chow tion..haha..only to find out that they are actually the same age as us..but then me and mei do look like lil kid in front of them..not to say they're old or matured,just that both of us kinda small in size and look slightly younger than our age..haha..syok sendiri

last night,we talked about studies..we've got a few top students there..and i do admit that i didn't really put lots of effort into my studies this time and also i did wasted lots of my time..i don't wanna stay like this anymore...everyone keep on saying that year 1 sem 1 is the easiest and it is the border line that u have to set for yourself in order to get better results in the future..

it starts to make me think alot..ive got 2 more test this coming week...and ive said to myself..and i swear front of all the readers of mine and also my onwards,i'm gonna waste no time..and really put hard effort and concentrate on my studies..finals is just around the corner..i don't wanna flunk any of it again..

Daddy,i've disappointed u again and again with my stpm result and uni application..i swear to god that i will never disappoint u gonna try my very whatever i can to get better grades,better future so that i can take good care of mom..this is what i promised u right now...when i go back to PG in apr,i'll say it right in front of u..i know i've been a very disobedient's been a long time since i last went to 'visit' u..i do really miss u my dear..

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

PR Prom Nite..part 2

hey ive promised...will upload more photos..

me and E Fong

me and geraldine

leng lui's of Y1S1 and also Kent the torn among the roses..haha

me and sam(t3 class rep)

me and zhi xiang

li enn,bernice and me

me and mei mei(our y2j for the night)

me and yamamoto

me and boon a.k.a wen wen

me and susan

me and jenny

me and pei woon(t1 class rep)

me and er..some senior...forgot his name..sorry

me and neighbour..haha..but dunno his name as well

me and geraldine-at ghany after prom..haha

PR Y1S1 at ghany after prom

last photo before washing away the make ups

me and jason(his beat box very keng)

me and edward

Prom Queen candidates

me and chi ji-our clown in PR class

me and edward-our clown in PR as well and also MC for the night

me and poon hui

li enn,ah jie and me

me and zhen yi

committee for the night


mei and peter

me and ya lee

me and kah chun

eugene and bernice dancing

mei and keong posing after performing

mei and keong 'jie' dancing

mei and keong while performing

the prom king and queen

alicia and edward dancing

bernice performing on stage

the torns among the roses-the guys in PR Y1S1 and they are already the majority of them..we got i guess roughly more than 10 guys out of 90+ students


i guess that's it la...lazy to upload dee..too a few videos wanted to upload but it take so so so long...and say error uploading it..sigh...wait for part 3 ba..

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

PR Prom Nite first prom ever...had lots of fun..hehe...and took many pictures too...gonna upload some videos also but then something's wrong with my it look kinda'slike fast forwarding the video like that..haha..thnks to bernice who make-up for it...

me and bernice

leng lui's of PR Y1S1

me and zhen yi

me and li enn

me and calyn

me and Dr.Choo(IT Sir)

me,edward and li enn

me and alicia(Y1S1 course rep)

me and keong 'jie'

mei,me and li enn

me and eugene


me and peter

k..i guess that's all for it for today be continue k??wanna zz de...nite everyone

~luv & hugs~muakss
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