Wednesday, November 26, 2008


today went out whole day le...very tired...hmmm..dunno what to blog about went to many place and did many things..haah...

YAY..i'm no longer a P driver le..haha...finally get rid of it dee...hmmm..but then guess now i should be in the driving without license eh group..hahaha...coz i just realize my license is valid from 1/12/08-30/12/09...hhaha..means this 4 days i'm gonna drive without my licese???haha

very tired le...nth to blog....tata

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

couting the days!!!

hmmm...time flies extremely fast...omg...another one month and i'll be leaving my hometown...for the first time ever,i'm gonna leave without my mom...hmmm..well..those when i go for trips and all not counted la...haha...

another month..hmmm..but it feels like i have to start to pack my stuffs and all...and what to bring there..haha..but then actualy my mind now is all BLANK...i don't know which i should do it first...haha...and what to pack..swt!!....

after moving to kampar..a new life will start le...hmmm...get to know new things and friends...everything will be different le..hmmm...a new life,a new beginning,a new start

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Monday, November 24, 2008

inner beauty or physically?

hey guys..i'm back to blog...reformat my notebook and now i'm having headache about it...everything seems to be different from what it used to be...i wonder what happens..and my movies cannot be played as well due to some technical problems..haha...

hmmmm..there's something that i would like to ask and also to share about...which of it is more important?
inner beauty? or

well..for me,i think inner beauty is more important to physical..haha..well...let's say A is a very pretty girl..and she even look like a model..every guy in this world would like to have a girl like her..but then..the attitude and personality is not good..then she'll be ugly to me...but seems that to everyone,she's so beatiful that nothing matters long as she's pretty...

is physical so important??i meant..even if u're not that pretty,but u're a nice person,u're still pretty to me..i make sense right?hmmm...and even u're pretty but personality like s**t...are they still that good??how come ppl cannot see the weakness in those pretty ones?and for those like us,not pretty,and all..even if u're good,no one can see it...i don't mean i'm good la..just example..hehe...

~luv & hugs~muakss
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!'s my 'leng chai kor kor'(parry)'s birthday..well..i used to call him that..'leng chai kor kor'

hmmm..this post is specially dedicated to u bro...hehe...hope u'll have a wonderful bitrhday..i know many things happens and u don't feel that good for this year's birhtday..but all i wanted to say matter what happen..ur mui will still be there for u ok??don't because of some small matter and ruin the rest of your days k??i know that's not a small matter to u..but then it's already a reality...let bygone be bygone..u'll come to find a better one soon...if she's yours...u guys will get back together no matter how long u guys separated and what happens k??

oh ya..i know peeps out there might be's already at the end of 24th NoV..but then don't forget the saying 'Save the best for the last'
chill my dear...have a nice day...

from ur lovely mui..

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

SLK gathering... actually blogging at lio'z cafe,new world park..hahah...i know i know..justin gonna kill me..haha...but this wan is they all cha cha booked me dee eh ok?? SLK gang..

hmmmm....kinda down la...after meeting them...don't know what i said,i'm excited and also sad at the same time..i'm gonna miss Penang so so so family,friends and of course the FOODS..haha...

my friend here keep on repeating and reminding me that i'm leaving...sad lo...sigh...i'm now counting the days left...i haven't prepare anything yet..not yet buy my new formal clothes...things that i need in my new house..haven't see the house yet also...sad sad...

i really cannot imagine those days there...well i know i can learnt alot in a new environment and a new living but seems to be lots of things i cannot let go in Penang...maybe my life now is not as simple as how i used to be..and when people grow up,lots of things is not the same seems my post kinda moody today hor....

~luv & hugs~Muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

back to my slow-tortoise

hey guys..i'm back with my slow-tortoise internet..sigh...sad sad...really miss the fast internet connection le..why la Penang FON don't wanna attach at my place??hahha...well..they need management approval to do that and i promised to help them get the management's contact but i haven't got it..haha...

well...what a nice day to stay at home,rest and do my housework..haha...hmmm...then ma play game lo..haha...florence intro eh that game..haha...then later went out with J..coz he's back in Penang..haha...finally get to meet him for my series le..haha first i was kinda lazy to go out plan to meet him next time...but then mana tau my place here fogging pulak...forced me to go out..haha...then only think of ok la..go find him..haha..pai seh ya j..u din know about this right??hahah..

went to gurney just was my first time there at night...i meant at gurney place..starbucks there...kinda happening there..and even met thean mark long din see him le..sigh..i go there donate blood pulak...well..not donate to humans..but donate to mosquitoes...swt...sigh...haha...and ya..i went to new wing too...hmmm...very nice..haha...and its kinda new..the new wing's ground floor(where mcD suppose to be last time)haha...i actually felt weird..'bo kuan si'..haha...totally different..ahaha....

k la..i wanna go watch my new series de le..ahah...ciao..

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blood Donation needed.....

Alvin is working in Loh Guan Lye and he just told me that blood is urgently needed in their can anyone here please help to spread the news and also help if you can....

they urgently need O type blood and also A as please help to spread the news..and also go donate blood if you can help save a life.

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*
my final lunch in park royal...sigh...sad sad sad..hahha..after today no more ho liao for me le...hahha
this should be my salad for the day..haha...

again...i upload all the photo i don't know which is which..haha.but one thign for sure is..there's my favourite...UNAGI...haha...but too bad very fast finish already le..haha......

sighh..after today..i'll have to go back to my slow internet...sad...

those photos not all yet..still got sandwich and desserts..haha..and for our sandwhich today..we've got salmon..hehe...yummyy...

k la..tat's all for now..hehe....

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



I know it hurts you
‘coz it hurts me too
but I just can’t help
‘coz it’s too unfair for you

Hope you’ll forgive me
For what I’ve done
I just wanted to see you happy
And that’s enough for me

Loving a person
Doesn’t need a reason
Just love a person with all your heart
And nothing ever tear you apart

So promise me
To stay a happy life
‘coz time won’t turn back
and it’ll be too late for you to regret


When the first time I met you
I know you’re different from others
In my eyes, you’re the best…
You’re the most perfect person I’ve ever met
And that makes what so special in you..
Before I met you, I never seem to understand what’s love,
never knew how to love a person,
and never knew what’s the feeling of being loved
but now I understand it all..
When you came into my life
You did not come alone
You brought joy and happiness along
And ‘You Don’t Know’ was our theme song…
I never knew what life was
Until I met you..
You taught me a lot of things
Not only teaching me to be a better person
but also helping me with my probs and studies
You really mean a lot to me
There’s no word that can describe my gratitude towards you
And there’s no word that can describe how much I love you
Maybe I love you in a wrong way
That makes you feel insecure
But now it’s all too late for me to know
Without you in my life
I’m not what who I am now..
You changed me..
I’m now more matured than I used to be
And I’ve learnt a lot..
I knew I’m wrong in the past
What I’m trying to do now is to compensate
but it’s useless
‘coz no one will ever appreciate it
What I’m trying to say is
I’m sorry for what I’ve done
I should’ve done better to avoid this ‘tragedy’
but it’s all too late now
There’s no use for me to regret…


Don’t leave me in all this pain
I knew I’d made a mistake
Come back and bring back my smile
And everything will be fine again

I wished that I could turn back time
So that I could change the history in mine
Hope that I could take back the sad word goodbye
And bring you back into my life

Say you’ll love me again
That’s the only word I wanna hear
But guess that I’m too naïve
‘coz I know you ain’t coming back again

I never thought that dreams came true
But you show me that they do
I’m regret for not appreciating you
I’m sorry is the only thing I can say to you

I will never find another lover
No one other than you
I don’t need nobody
Anyone to take your place but you

I took things for granted all the time
So I guess this is the pay back I got
I felt so bad for treating you so bad
And I hope I could make it right

my masterpiece...

these are some of the poems that i wrote..hehe..but many years back le..hmmmm

I love you so much
Which I never thought I would
I don’t know what to do
Coz my life is so empty without you

I thought I’ve let you go
But…I realize I did not
I really love you so
So, baby please don’t ask me to go

You’re a special guy
That I’ve ever met
You’re so special
Till nothing could ever compared

I often asked myself
To think about the weakness in you
Still it doesn’t make any difference
Coz you are a perfect person

On 4th of August 2002
Was a very special day
For it has a lot of memories
About someone on that day

It was the day I met you
The day you lighted up my life
And I’ll always love you
Till death do us apart

No one knows
What’s gonna happen in future
Until they found their lifetime partner
I’ve found it once.. but I’ve let you go

I used to be a sad and hopeless girl
But not till you came into my life
Coz you’ve brought hopes and joys to me
Which I never knew I would be

2nd day lunch at Park Royal

hehe..these is my 2nd day's lunch at Park Royal hotel..hehe...we were invited to the bbq dinner yesterday but then hooi pin and i didnt stay for it le..haha...these are the foods we had for our lunch today..hehe...nice??

pai seh..cannot intro the foods as i upload the pics all together..i don't know which is for yourself la..haha...

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

bored and sleepy

here i am again..a 2nd blog at so even ppl eh..sigh...sien lo...hmmmm...summroe the registration ppl no longer here..they shifted to level 1 now only left me,hooi pin and sui ling...sien sien sien...

online too long le...dunno what to do nothing to do..tot wanna download movies but i don't know where to do so also...sigh...

sien sien sien...will be back later after my lunch to post some pics..hehe..

~luv & hugs~Muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

buffet lunch at park royal hotel so full right now...hehe...just finished having my lunch here at park full le...cant even breathe right now..hehe..this is some pic taken from the cafeteria...

WOrk work work...

haha...for the first time ever..i'm actually blogging while im's everyone out there?

hehe...2 more weeks and i'll be going for a la...just a trip to kampar with friends to have look at the situation over there..hehe..need to look for good foods as well..haha....

will update later...kinda bored...sigh...

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Monday, November 17, 2008

finally settled asked lok to accompany me go public bank..finally i settle the money le..and went to pay aldy..haha..then lok teased me..coz i said i only eat wan tan mee now coz no money and need to saved money for our house deposits and stuffs in Kampar..then he said this"said no money and have to eat wan tan mee,but end up u're the first one who pay the fees" that also kena perli..haha..but no choice working tommorrow,wed,and thurs...and fri is the last day..i don't wanna do it last minute so i went to pay today... dear dear daddy...hehe..i knew u loved me lots..hehe..and i knew u're always around me and u can hear what i told you..hehe...thanks u so so so muchhiee...muaksssssssss....hehe....thnsk for helping us..hehe...i really missed u alot le...hmmmm....

pc fair is coming again...going to work again...this is the last pc fair for the year..and i'm wondering whether i still get to work for the coming fairs or that time,i'll be in Kampar...and i don't know whether i can make it to come back and work or not..hmmm....will try my best le...ahha..and i did promised justin to help him with the MATTA fair..hehe..justin..haha..don't say i didn't mention about you dee ya...hehe...

~luv & hugs~Muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What happen to friendster???

sad sad sad...what happen to friendster???i tried opening it few days back but cannot do so as it's under maintanance....but mana tau today when i get to open it,my list of friends, from 600+ now left only 50+ and the worse part is i don't know who and who is not in my list anymore...arghhh...what happen to friendster???swt....

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Saturday, November 15, 2008


today went to meet chuin pei,lok and sin mei...haha...the purpose of our meeting today is discussing about our house and stuffs for our future house in Kampar..haha...we did discuss about that and also talking about our high school's life...haha...kinda missed those days le..haha....

we keep on chatting and laugh non stop..i guess the whole green lane mcD can hear us..haha...but then the 6 shining friends now left only 3 of us..3 of us still gonna be least..for the next 3 years...then when every one graduated and move on with their busy life,i wonder whether hte 6 shining friends gonna still be here or not...

not only the 6 shining friends but also not forgetting my's been a long time since we had our SLK meeting le...sigh..and we're gonna leaving soon..and that group gonna left few of them'll be

haha..after all the arguments and discussions we've had...we finally made up our mind to go over to Kampar on the 2nd of Dec...and we even went to tesco just have a look at the things we need for our new house(tho we haven't got a house there yet)haha...and again...have to spend alot again...

talking about money,the due date for my fees is on the 21st...means this coming friday..the problem is i haven't got enough money for the fees..and also i'll be working on the 18,19 and 20 of Nov..sighh...means i must either pay on mon..or on fri which is the last day..of course i hope to pay on monday but then,sigh,cannot get the sum yet la...and it's not end of the salary yet also...sad...

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*


ah ling 这也是为你而写的。。。时间过的真的好快哦。。

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Friday, November 14, 2008


swt....after we're officially accepted by UTAR problems keep on arising le...first is about the sum of money need to be settle within a week..then now..suddenly chuin pei told us that her mom kena brain wash...her cousin sis suddenly told her mom that stayin in hostel is cheaper but at first we already planned everything that we'll all stay a house ourselves...

but now suddenly her mom say want dunno how le..many things need to be settle and also plan...and lots of money need to be spend also...

is staying in the hostel cheaper or staying outside cheaper leh??my ex classmate in form 6 told me that they get to rent a house...rm 400 for the whole 4 rooms n 3 everything i think one person only pay around RM100+ i guess..i'm not too sure..but then in hostel everymonth need RM200+ and the 200 is at the end of 200 de...around 275 that's what another friend of mine told me...

what do u guys think??can anyone give me some comment??

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Thursday, November 13, 2008

8 more days to go

8 more days to go n it'll be the due date given by the Utar management..8 more days and i need to pay that RM 4969.. friend teased me today..but what she said is true...when i first receive the sms form my friend saying that i'm accepted in Utar,i was actually very happy until i receive the 2nd sms from him,i start to have headache le coz i need to pay RM 4969 next week..i only have a week to look for that money...sigh...

Daddy oh daddy....can u help me to figure out where to get that sum of money??hehe..'popi popi' mummy get lottery ok??hehe....

~luv & hugs~Muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


YAHOO...i'm accepted in UTAR le...finally...after worrying for such a long time..finally im accepted..but then need to worry again as i need to pay RM 4969 by 21st NOv 2008 means it's actually next week..where am i gonna get that sum of money leh??sighh...

thanks daddy...i know u're sad that i don't get into local uni...but then i'm now accepted in UTAR..i know you'll always blessed me n guide me from above...i love u dear..hehe...

back to the i'm waiting for the offer letter..hopefully things can be settle le..sighh...all my fault also le..i work so come stll got nomoney de leh>>sighh...

~luv &hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


this few days i'm not feeling quite well le...don't know what happen feels like last time during my STPM time...feeling very dizzy and headache...even when i sleep i can feel the whole world is spinning...

last time when i go and see doctor,doctor don't know say what my 'ear drum' swollen and don't know what infection...don't know whether is it the same now or maybe my blood pressure too low le..hmmm...must go see doctor again soon about doctor i thought of medical check up..if im accepted for utar then i have to go for medical check up..hehe...but application still pending result yet..hopefully i can get it la...Daddy,u must 'po pi' i get utar oh..or else i really wasted my time and have to spend a lot of money le...sigh...

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

a different tennee?

hehe...why is everyone keep on telling me i look different after my hair cut??haha...and i guess it look even more different when i post a blog in chinese/?haha..for those who don't understand chinese,hehe...i just wrote there i promised a friend that i'll try to blog in i just did one of it..hehe..hopefully it's all correct la..haha...if anyone who can understand chinese and found any mistakes there,do correct me k..hehe...

so went to work again this week..hehe...and met Parry kor first before going to work..thought wanna go to red box but then end up canceled..hehe..i asked him to go on sat la..maybe i'll ask sin mei along la...then i can use my voucher...hehe..

so..i went to queensbay again usual,i always go there every mon and thurs..hehe...was looking for some tops for my sis..but then end up i went shopping myself..haha...and i tried a few you go..

sigh..this is the only photo i can upload right now..guess something went wrong with my connection again..hehe...but anyhow,this is the onei like the most..hehe

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Monday, November 10, 2008


我答应过 Ah Ling 我会用华语写我的blog.

可是我的华语是 limited edition 的




~luv & hugs~Muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Sunday, November 9, 2008

T.G.I Fridays went to T.G.I with my cousin was my first time there...always heard people saying that celebrating birthday in T.G.I,the ppl working there will ask u to stand up on the chair or something and they'll sing b'day song and cheer around you..hehe...and so,i'd witness it for the first time there..haha...then ithink...luckily it wasn't me and hopefully my birthday won't go thr...haha..i wouldn't wanna stand up on the chair..haha..kinda pai seh eh leh.hehe..summore so many ppl thr...hehe...the food there wasn't that bad la..but then i felt it kinda salty leh..haha..and of course the portion is alot for me..haha...cannot finish my meal also..eheh...

today was a nice day for me...coz i get to stay at home the whole day..hehe..the feeling of staying at home the whole day is very nice to me,..hehe...i can do what ever i want at,sleep,watch tv..haha...

sigh..looking at the time,it's alreasy 11.43pm on the 9th of Nov 2008..time flies so so fast that i felt i still haven't do anything yet..and another year is coming to it's end...i felt like i didn't do anything this wastinng my time everyday...

Christmas is coming again..i've nvr celebrated christmas before actually...hehe...and also to go out with friends on christmas eves..haha..i supposed it'll be the same again this year..stay at home,online,countdown by myself alone at taht time u'll get to see many ppl online..but none of them will reply u cz evryone's out with friends and all..haha

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Saturday, November 8, 2008

tired,tired and tired

2 days bro had came and now on his way down to kl..hmmm...this 2 days have been a very tiring day for i slept at around 1 on thurs..and had to wake up at 6 something in the morning on's been a long time i didn't sleep for only 5 hours.hahah...during schooling time it wasn't a problem for me..but'm so so so sleepy when i go out with them..haha...furthermore im the driver..drove the whole day...from north to south,east to west..ehheh...then went home bath..then go out for dinner again..then finally went back home..what a day...

i'm having sinus problem and usually breathe using my mouth,so i do snore when i sleep..kinda felt pai seh about that there anyway that can help cure or maybe reduce that??hmmm..tho i was very very tired yesterday..but then i just cant help but to stay at my living force myself to watch tv so that i wont fall asleep..i let my bro and his gf into deep sleep first only i go sleep hopefully when their in deep sleep my snore wont wake them up..haha..but i guess it was useless la...i did snore loudly also le..hahah...actually i felt kinda sad about it eh..

every time when i go for camp,or staying with friends like apartment stay,go trip or something...i always sacred that i might disturb my friends..sighh...and i did eh..what am i gonna to about it leh??

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Thursday, November 6, 2008

tour guide???

hmmm...talking about being a 'part time' or shouldi say 'lousy' tour guide just now makes me think a about it i kinda missed those times during the dragon boat competition in was actually my first experience in er..explaining about a place...bring them for sight seeing,taking care of the group for a week,solve their problem for's actually a great experince...

and of course i did have a lot of fun..haha..first time ever i stayed at a hotel for a week and it's for free..haha...breakfast at the hotel is provided..and lunch at the race was really doubt the weather is killing u so hot..hehe...and i get to know some new frens..a bunch of good,yusuf,edy,henare and all..haha...

there u are..this is edy,henare,me and sin mei..yusur is the camera man..haha..and this is my group.. GRC DRAGON..

sigh..i have problems uploading photo again..guess ill upload again some other time..but some of the pictures are available in my frienster,and also PG feel free to drop by..

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

one more day??? more day and i;m gonna be a 'part time' tour guide again...haha..tipu mia tour guide what i;d mentioned before this post,my bro is coming to Penang from's been a long time since he last come back to penang le...guess it was 2 yeard ago during my dad's funeral..hmmmm..time flies really really fast...i still i remember i went down to Singapore to visit him and my aunt after i got my passport in January..and now...hmmm..already November...already 10 months le..another gonna pass by's just like a blink of an eye?? that how u say it??haha...trying to be good in english??nah..just wanna learn..hehe...and 2 more weeks need to attend a wedding dinner in Prai..another cousin bro of mine..all 'sugar brothers' ahha..but then not that close to the groom altho we're sort of er..close famli members?haha...wondering what i should wear that nite?'s still early to plan i guess??hehe...

~;uv & hugs~Muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


sighh...kinda bored this few days..everyday work n work n bro is coming back to pg this weekend...hmmm...cham le..haven't buy bus ticket for him yet..he gonna kill me if he finds boring nothing to do..purposely come online to send email to my key account manager..hmmm...but connection is so so so slow le...hmm..dunno wad to blog about also..

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Sunday, November 2, 2008

i'm BAck...

hey guys..i'm back again...didn't online for a few days le because i wasn't at home and i only do online at how's everyone lately??haha...first of all lwould like to say thanks to those who'd leave some comments to me on my c's great to know you guys are's been a tiring day for me this 2 days..first was on fri...rushed for my work..coz end of the month...need to send my report down to need to settle lots of claims and all..then went home...took a bath then have to go out again for eric's birthday party..then sighh..kena teased by them again for some nonsense..hmmm...excuse me for that..haha...but it's really nonsense..haha..and things get even worse when i didn't follow the one who fetched me and i went out with another friend of mine..went to queensbay for midnight show after that...and guess what?at first we planned to watch high sch 3 but we end up buying tickets for the coffin..haha..watching horror movies in the mid of the night..i can actually say that it was my first time tho..hahah..tho it's not THAT scary but then still u will be scared by those surrounds they have in the cinema...haha...then yesterday first tot wanna go watch high sch with sin mei after or karaoke eh but then mana tau my cousin sis in law called and say night going for dinner to celebrate my cousin bro's after dinner we went out lo..with my sis n bf..n my cousin's fren as well..
heheh..then we went to oriental SING again..haha..but then by that timei kinda like..lost my voice le it was OK..but then not as good as the first time i sang in Red Box in the singing already not that good de..summore lost my guess i'm a bit long-winded today huh>>eheh...till then..ciao..

~luv & hugs~Muakss
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