Saturday, August 29, 2009


Yes, PR PROM Y1S2 had just passed and it was a succesful prom...they prepared it rather last minute...just 2 weeks before the prom and rehearse just 2 days before it..i meant the dance..they only learnt for 2 days..and was great.. all of them who came enjoyed it.. GREAT JOB EVERYONE

took some first don't get to go d wan..damned sad that time coz all my dearest friends were there and i don't get to go.. why? haha..coz of my eyes..went to bernice place at around 2.30pm..then not long after that, my left eye starts to feel itchy and it became red.. i went to wash my eyes and dropped some eye moist but then it didn't help. my eyes were swollen instead. and it does not only swollen at the lower part of my eye but the eye ball..the left side of my eye ball (the white part-till the retina) was was scary man

then they quickly asked me go see 2 days mc... after that went back to bernice my eyes got end up i went..haha..didn't put on heavy make up this time..just very light ones without eye lashes..haha.. the theme was back to 70s..

the programs were wonderful...and the performers were mostly from the committees themsselves.hehe... it was indeed great and had fun... the part i personally like the most was Yama who performed as Elvis..ya..

haha...and Zhen Yi danced like MJ..he indeed danced like him.. will upload the pictures of zhenyi will be uploaded soon...

1st pic-my zhi lian pic

me and 大dear..keong

me and kar choon a.k.a Nick

me and gary

zhi lian pic again

me and yama a.k.a Elvis

angeline, me and bernice

self shot again

me and xin yan

me and bernice dear

me and leng leng angelyn

Lance(a.k.a Z chen), me, Keong and Darren(a.k.a Hsiao Jing Teng)

me and zhen yi(a.k.a MJ during Prom)

me and our av lecturer ms esaline

hang fuk de me...with 2 leng zaiS...ugen and chao tiong

me and leng zai ugen

me and leng zai ct

me and Lance(a.k.a Zchen)

me and Darren a.k.a Hsiao Jing Teng

me and alvin(a.k.a known as ruan ming tian-ruan jin tian's bro when he's young)

me and aaron gan

zhen yi playing limbo rock

me and ricky

me and jun

ugen and keong

me and keong

th MCs

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Press Conference

today was our final and major presentation for the sem. our core paper, PR Writing where we have to organize a mock press conference. it might sound fun, but then somehow, it is not as fun as it seems.. yea it might be fun at ways, but well... things just don't go the way you want them to...

we were the 3rd group for the day, which is the first group for the 1.30pm session. well, i guess i have did and tried my best, but somehow, there are a lot of technical problems and lack of practice. sigh... was actually disappointed as i felt we can do much more better. i am not trying to blame anyone as all have did their jobs well...

and I myself, sigh..i made a very big mistake..haha...where me(the CEO) and Jerome(ambassador) sat at the wrong place. i was suppose to sit on Susan's right but end up i forgot as before we started the event, i sat on her left... i was indeed really nervous and scared...i have to admit that. when i sat there, i sat straight up...but end up i'll sit more and more bending down..and i can say that i'm the smallest size there, and when i don't sit up straight, it does really look weird.. i just cannot control that my hand, is shivering like hell...damn...i've never felt this way throughout all my presentations before... dang... after everything's over, i actually felt so sorry to the group a well as disappointed with myself, my eyes were actually filled with tears and thanks to susan who came in and talk to me and yea...i got better...

Congrats and great job to Edward and team...pei nyin, ya lee, chiet ming..they were in the same group and yea...they really did a good job...and get kinda high marks.. they did famine 30 and they showed video about how the children in africa do not have enough food to eat and is seriously having malnutrition prob.. yea... the same old me...i cried...haha...i just cannot stop being emotional as those kids were really very pity...

me and Xin Yan (a.k.a Linda Chung for the PC-4th grp)

another shot of me and xin yan

me and susan ( a.k.a Datuk Seri Sharizat)

great members, greater friends.. (zhenyi is the alien in the pic)

self shot by jerome but end up his face not in the pic...haha..

Jerome(a.k.a Alex Yoong), Tennee(a.k.a CEO n founder or STOP), Susan(a.k.a Sharizat), Zhen Yi(a.k.a Raymond Lam) and Tze jinq( techincian for our grp)

jerome, me and Susan

me and jerome

my great friends in T1-JInq and Pei woon

Look at what susan doing..haha..

me and zhen yi a.k.a Raymond

a grp of siao lang-s and great grp mates...happy working with you all

the leng luis

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where to stay?Who to stay with? I'm all alone

Sigh...have been kind of emo lately, my emotion is getting unstable again. At first, when Belinda and Jess said wanna move and they asked me to move with them, i agreed, as even for now i stayed at east lake, i will go over to new town to find them for dinner. so I thought to myself, why not?i know staying together won't be easy but at least staying with them will be happier than where i am now... angeline, it's not about you all..don't get me wrong k...i know you sure understand how it feels staying here.

till this kind of situation only i realize, i've got no one in kampar... i mean my gang, my close friends, have already settled down at their own house or rooms. Jess and Belinda finally made up their mind to go to Harvard, the newly build hostel. I don't like it over there coz it's very far from uni especially when our new Block F opens. but then if i've really got no choice, i will have to move.

Problem is that, where can i move to? or who can i stay with? i'm all alone.. Bernice wanted to stay with me, but then there's only the 2 of us, where can we stay? it's so hard to find housemates.. especially when now everyone telling me that their moving away from this house. which means if i don't get a place to move, i'm all alone here.. i don't wanna get a furnished house or room, coz that will cost me more than what i need to spend right now, especially when i've got all my wardrobes, and study table.

sigh(i'm nt calling you ya)... but well, anyway, thanks for offering to share with me, even though i did not tell you what happen there, but now you know why.. but yea.. seriously, i'm don't worry k?

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


ANyone know where got cheap and nice house??sigh... i just cannot stand my house mates whom i'm currently staying with... i can say i did a lot for the house and he did not do even anything for that..oh yea..mayb he did..just to help clean up the 'empty room''(which is currently my room)... and help clear the fridge once..that's all... i helped to search for the house, where he didn't come, my frens and I came to clean the whole house, he didn't appear as well... he only appear when he came back after his sem break...

all this while, i paid the bills, and rentals... and he never even once paid me ON TIME...i was like..what the heck?? you as a guy, got PTPTN loan, every month got F.A.M.A(father and mother) loan summore..and you can't even pay me RM 100 for the rental??WTF?

I as a girl, living on my own here in Kampar since 3rd of Jan 2009, when i move here, never even asked for a single cent from mymom...ya..she did give me money at first when i came as we rented a house without furnished and we need to buy a lot of things then...and that's it.. after settling the 1st month living here, i never asked for a single cent from them...and i can still buy my own study table, pay for my own petrol and living cost..including rental which cost me around RM 600 AT LEAST a month..and i can pay for my own..i don't understand why can't he pay me when he's got so many incomes?

and now-they use my rice cooker wand didn't wash...damned...for don't know how long they left it there...if not because of i wanna cook rice, then i guess no one will find out about it...arGHHhhh..


~luv & hugs~muakss
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

EMC presentation

We had our EMC Presentation today...ahh...i just realize that we forgot to take a group for EMC, my group mates are Yama, Sin Wei, and Apple...all great group mates...hahaah...thnks for all your effort guys...appreciated it a lot..

sorry for being kind of 'suei' because got the first group for the first everything also and sin wei were rushign from block b to block d with our high heels..haha...and with my health condition, i kept gasping for air..haha..didn't really had enough rest, and to be the first speaker, it was kinda hard for me to speak fluently and normally... and yea...they get to know about it..haha...Lionel, our tutor, know that indeed i am tired and nervous but he said i did manage to get over it soon..

thing were kind of ok i guess.. but then i am actually disappointed with myself..i did not present as before..for me, i feel that it wasn't my best presentation..i do not have my gestures this time around for the presentation..sigh...i finally realize that, i do actually have a certain expectation in me..tho Mr. Lionel said i did well but just lack of some gestures... sigh.. yea..this is the pic of me with my tutor Mr. Lionel.. he is so tall..hahah

me and mr.lionel

~luv & hugs~muakss
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Monday, August 17, 2009

IPOH one day trip

Yesterday went to Ipoh with bernice and Nok Ling..At first, Keong said he joining us but till 12pm yesterday, he msged and say he's not coming d...sigh..ppk kaki..haha...

so at 2pm, off we go...the 3 girls..charlie's angels..haha... depart from bernice house to Ipoh new have our lunch..hehe..too hungry liao... so we have the most famous delicacy in Ipoh which is beansprout chicken..haha... a plate of beansprout, a plate of chicken, a plate of popiah..and each a bowl of chicken hor fun..haha...

hor fun

our lunch

after lunch, we went to Ipoh PC fair..haha...dunno the way...simply drive..haha.. and thanks to bernice's GPS>.haah...and we finally found the stadium..haha...the PC fair in Ipoh is so different from Penang fair..haha...

after pc fair we went to Jusco...yea...heard that got ppl kena h1n1 there..haha...saw blood donation campaign there...wanted to donate but then not enough 3 cannot lo...yea...ever since the frst time i succesfuly donated blood, i am indeed very excited..haha..

this is our dinner for the day..fried tang hoon with crab...had dinner with my aunt and grandma..

a darker wan...

'lam yu' chicken..hehe... pai half way liao only remember forget to take picture

claypot tau fu

bernice and Nok Ling

me and bernice

my grandma bz eating..

my aunt...haha..bernice said she look like my mom..

~luv & hugs~muakss
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