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Faith and Hope in Love

Found this article in ezine.come where i wrote 2 years

Faith and Hope in Love
Love is a special feeling that each and every one of us have.
It gives you joy and brings you up to heaven,
but at the same time,
it might drag you down to hell.

Everyone needs love in this world.
but there are many different types of love we have
Family love, Friends love, Relationship love

Family love,
to me, the most important love among all
because without family,
I wouldn't be who I am
I might not even be where I am now.
They will always be there to support you and guide you when you are lost.
and they are the ones who are willing to sacrifice their time and effort to guarantee you a better life, better future, living in a better environment

Friends Love,
Is there really anyone in this world that can live as a loner?
Someone that can leave without friends and family beside him?
As for me, frankly speaking,
I don't think I can.
Friends played an important role in my life.
I can never be who I am without the supports of my friends, and family
Without them,
there will be no one to guide me on my paths of my life,
without them,
there will be no one to share my ups and downs,
without them,
there will be no life at all.

someone who is very precious to me,
they are like my family members
there are some minority who had caused chaos to my life,
or being betrayed,
but still,
I have faith and hope that I will meet the correct person and clicks

Relationship Love,
Every human must have gone through this stage of life I suppose
Sweet ones, sad ones, complicated ones
all sorts of relationship stages
but no matter how hurt and depressed one had in their previous relationship,
Phrases like ' I have lost hopes and faith in relationship', ' I'm so depressed, I don't want to be in such situation'
but no matter what they said and how depressed they used to be,
He/She will eventually fall in love again someday.
For as long as I live,
I believe that there will be this special person who give me this special feelings
that I will meet.
Someone that I still have my faith and hope on.

This might be my own personal point of view,
and it might not be applicable to others,
or some of you might not even agree with what I have wrote here
but this was written based on what I've seen and experienced
among people around me
Something that I would like to share

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480 days

It's been 480 days now.. or in another way 1 year and 4 months.. with almost 3/4 of our time were in long distance..

I start to salute and respect those in long-d relation..
It was really never ever as easy as i thought it would be...
Trust is all you need to have
Communications is what you need to do..

Ever since we started long-d,
We started to quarrel...
Less time to communicate with each other
Sometimes even queried about our trusts i suppose?
We've been thru so many ups and downs together..
And yet.. we're still holding each other's hand.. continuing our journey..

Truly hope that our bond will grow stronger each day..
Smile morr each day..
Love each other more each day...

I Love You dear..

Don't judge a book by it's cover

Don't judge a book by it's cover  - George Elliot has always been  the favourite quote of mine..

A simple phrase but yet many people do not understand the meaning of it.
Many people tend to judge someone without knowing or analyzing who they are and how they have been doing.

For example :
Someone was crying tears of joy, but people will think that this person is sad, or something must have happened to him. or when someone who always smile and looked like a happy-go-lucky person, people might have thought he is always fine but who knows deep down that he is actually hiding his sorrows?

Everyone has got their own version of book and i believe each story will be different from one another. But is there really someone who would really 'read' it before judging it?

Will there ever be this someone who can finally read the whole book and understand it? or is that everyone has got their own 'no-one-knows' and 'no-one-understands' secret?

I truly hope that there will be this someone whom could read my book till the end..

~luv & hugs~muakss
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

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