Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eve Lynn's Birthday

24 June - Eve Lynn's Birthday..
knew her for so so long.. 
but I guess this is the first time celebrating her Birthday with her...
and also the first time drinking with her..

My dear God-Sis...
knew her since I was.. 9?
haha.. couldn't remember much.. either 8 or 9 years old..
where we both always hang out at the video shop below my house..

Sometimes she'll follow my family's outing..
Sometimes I'll follow their family's outing...
I still believe I followed them to Taiping trip.. haha.
went to the zoo.. then half way raining.. 
then went to Taiping's museum..
and almost every weekend overnight at my place..

those were the days...
things were so easy..
times were so fun then...
but then.. 
everyone is busy with their tight schedule...

But despite all that, 
we still keep in touch and glad that you invited me to you Party..
Had great times there... 

Happy Birthday sis...
May all your wishes come true..
and faster get married la.. heheheh
I need to diet, save money, buy new gown.. 
lots of things to prepare wan leh.. heheh
so must let me know early ah.. 

Time for pictures again...

Getting ready to go out...

Me and Angie @ Cheers Pub Time Square..
(Thanks Gie for accompanying me to the party)

Our fav selfshot moment in the toilet.. wakkaak

Cake Cutting time... make a wishhhh

Happy Birthday Sis..

~luv &hugs~muakss 
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Marriage Proposal 160612

16 June 2012...
A very special day...
Eric, has got 2 clients from Macau coming to Penang for Holidays...
Well, this is not just any other assignment but a big and important one..

That day was the 8th years Anniversary of the couple.. 
and the guy planned to proposed to his gf on that day itself..
We then agreed to help Eric for this is a very meaningful event..
I've always love to help people.. 
What's more when this helps 2 lovely couple to be together forever...

This kind of situation, 
I've usually seen it only on TVs and Online..
But this is the very first time we prepared everything and helping someone to propose.. 
and witnessing it with my very own eyes...

It was really sweet.. and touching..
The guy is a policeman in their hometown... aged 28..
The girl, aged 25.. occupation - unknown.. haha.. coz I never talked to them befre.. haha

This sweet  couple have been together for 8 years but they were separated once before.. 
Thank God that they are now back together...
the guy, 
prepared a diamond ring to propose to her.. and it's big.. seriously no joke. 
Well, you cant compare the HK proposal and Msia proposal la.. hahaha...

He even prepared a file.. 
inside the file.. was some comic pictures drew by him..
and the love stories among them..

When I first read the story, 
Even though I don't really understand everything that is written by the guy
I was touched myself.. so you can guess how the girl would actually felt la...

 This is my another dear in 88.. Hema..
The flower nice right? hehhee..
It's actually the flower for the gal..
just that we curi the flower and take photo only.. hope you dont mind la har.. hehehe

Well, it's actually my first time hugging a bouquet of roses.. hahah

The flower petals looks nice right?? 

behind the scene...

 A lil surprise for the couple in their room.. 
1st attempt

but end up we changed to this..

the couple in the restaurant

after proposal.. Congrats to them...
there's actually a video recorded the process of him proposing.. stay tune for it..

A lil gift from the sweet couple... Thanks a lot Blackie and Mandy.. 

Dedicate this song to you.. know both of you like the song...
Happy together and Congrats...

~luv & hugs~muakss 
*¦Têññêê a.k.a.*¦¢µ±!e_Gîr£¦* a.k.a §ümlvlèr ¦*