Saturday, April 26, 2014

480 days

It's been 480 days now.. or in another way 1 year and 4 months.. with almost 3/4 of our time were in long distance..

I start to salute and respect those in long-d relation..
It was really never ever as easy as i thought it would be...
Trust is all you need to have
Communications is what you need to do..

Ever since we started long-d,
We started to quarrel...
Less time to communicate with each other
Sometimes even queried about our trusts i suppose?
We've been thru so many ups and downs together..
And yet.. we're still holding each other's hand.. continuing our journey..

Truly hope that our bond will grow stronger each day..
Smile morr each day..
Love each other more each day...

I Love You dear..

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