Thursday, October 16, 2014

His Birthday

Our second time celebrating your birthday.. wishing for More to come...
Iwas down with fod poisoning last saturday.. and you took care of me all along..
It reminded me the days od me taking care of my dad.. when i vomited, suffering, crying, all you did were here for me takig care of me.. didnt care about the dirts and all and helped me to clean up
I was really touched and glad to have you by my side.. im sorry for have caused you to fall sick on your birthday coz of viral infection..
I dont kno what i can give you baby.. i just wanna love you with all my heart.. show you how much i love you and how much you meant to me..
I wanted to celebrate your birthday with you.. in a special way.. to let you have wonderful memories.. But Budget comes along the way and i have really no idea how can i make your birthday as meaningful..
I bought you your favourite black colour metal watch.. and made a video for you.. from all your loved ones and your families..
Watching the video with you is so much More meaninful when i watched it over and over again during 'the making'
Tears filled my eyes when i watched with you.. and i know you were too.. the moment when you hugged me to say thank you.. the world just feels like there's only us..
I knew you were sick and couldnt eat cake.. but i still went to buy a slice of cheesecake for u.. Because i just cant get over myself..
Mich was the first to plan a surprise for you.. bought a cake for you..then the next day was Gab. Whats worse is Adrian told me she purposely rushed back to surprise you.. I just cant deny im feeling jealous.. i know im selfish.. i just wished to be the onlygirl who shower u with surprises and happiness..
It was such a waste that my phone spoilt and we didnt get to take photos together.. but luckily..there were still this one..
Thanks to Agnes...
HAppy birthday once again baby..
I Love You..

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